Shore Operation

OurĀ  shore operations involve the spreading and compacting to required grade of quarry rock of required aggregates and quality, laid to the designed specifications to withstand the force of the waves and positioned such as to promote sediment deposition to protect the coastline.
These operations include:
i) Setting Out;
ii) Excavation
iii) Spreading & Compacting
iv) Slope Formation
v) Laying of armour rocks

i) Setting Out: The process involves the positions and levels of the stones and road alignments shown on the construction plan to be established on the ground by various techniques and instruments. With this project, GPS RTK RUIDE R6 is used for the setting out.
ii) Excavation : excavation of 0.5 meters height is excavated from the sea bed . The sand is excavated before the based materials which is (0-500kg) is layed.
iii) Spreading and compacting of material: rock material of (0-500kg) is spread to a required level height and length along the setout areas. The dozer spread the material and compact it as it spread it.

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